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Corporate Backup Care

We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re breaking it. Break the ceiling with our corporate nanny care service. According to a study by the Inc. 500 and Deloitte, corporations are creating initiatives to help foster and develop quality childcare for both men and women in the workforce.

Our corporate childcare services and benefits offering allows your employees the security, safety and privilege of trusting a proper childcare service to support their lives.

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Advantages of Back-up Care for Employer:

Take a Break

Our emergency back-up and child care services allow employers to never be in the lurch when it comes to securing and taking care of your employees. Child Care services provide relief from employee burnout, frustration and increase retention rates for large to medium sized businesses.

Stay Competitive

Large companies have taken employee benefits and packages more seriously to retain and recruit industries top candidates. Stay at the edge of innovation and more with child care packages that help equip your employees with the resources necessary to handle any of life’s frustrations.

Stay Productive

Research confirms that corporate child care programs have significantly improved workplace productivity and helps employees feel more connected and loyal to companies who express an interest in meeting their high demands not just in the workplace but in the family too.

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