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Hybrid Nanny 

Elite Nanny League is dedicated to matching families with qualified, experienced, dependable, and well-referenced nannies across the country. All of our nannies have previous experience, and bring a variety of knowledge and skills to their role. Through an exclusive and personalized experience, we will help you find the perfect hybrid nanny to fit your family's needs. Our team has helped countless families and parents in The Woodlands, Houston, Spring and all surrounding neighborhoods within Texas find their ideal nanny for their family.

Our candidates are a reflection of our brand, and we go out of our way to empower and uplift them, in addition to safeguarding our name. We implement rigorous vetting processes when onboarding them to ensure their expertise and character align with our goals. We additionally keep a tab on their performance throughout the placement. In the background is the management team on a mission to support families and nannies. Comprising of people with first-hand knowledge of children and family dynamics on the one hand and those who understand client-focused approaches that allow businesses to succeed, Elite Nanny League promises reliable, effective and flexible solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our nanny services and to get started with the search process.

Hybrid nannies are nannies that are responsible for direct childcare in the home, in addition to other household related tasks that can include, but are not limited to, family laundry, transporting to and from activities/appointments, running family errands, etc. Hybrid nannies typically work between 40-55+ hours per week, with specific time scheduled for them to complete other household duties when direct childcare is not required, such as while children are at school. Current rates for professional hybrid nannies are between $25-$35 per hour.

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Our Placement Process

Scheduled a phone call with us to discuss your nanny needs

1. Let’s talk

We spend time getting to know your family dynamics and needs through our registration and consultation process. This includes understanding your desired nanny schedule, job expectations, and any other criteria or qualities you would like to see in your nanny candidates.
Lets match you with one or our nannies

2. Let’s Match

We maintain relationships with our Elite nannies and create new relationships every day through our agency application process. We'll vet and hand-pick the top candidates for you, coordinate and schedule interviews for you, and find candidates until you find the right fit!
We will help you create a nanny job description, offer, and agreement

3. Let’s create an offer

Once you ready to extend an offer to a candidate, we present the offer and facilitate any negotiations if needed. We'll provide an agreement template for the family and nanny to review and sign. Each family has access to documents and resources to guide them through every step of the hiring process.
We offer ongoing support after your nanny hire

4. Ongoing Support

After your hire, Our team is available to answer questions, provide suggestions, and offer on-going support for your family and your nanny throughout the term.

Hybrid Nanny Placement Fee

$250 Non-Refundable Initiation Fee Required to begin a Search
20% of Candidate's annual compensation (Nationwide Search)
$3500 Minimum
Hybrid Nanny plans consist of 40 hours a week or more and a year or more term
120 Day Replacement Period 
A Long-Term Placement nanny is a great investment

Our Hybrid Nanny Placement search includes:

  • A dedicated team member to assist you through the interviewing and hiring process
  •  Personalized job description and recruitment campaign
  • In-depth nanny profiles tailored to your family’s specific needs and preferences
  •  We provide Nanny interviewing guides to help run your interviews smooth
  • Assistance with scheduling and salary negotiations and employment agreements as needed 
  • Extensive Reference Checks 
  • 9 Panel Drug Testing 
  • Extensive candidate screening process background check of the individual. This covers a National, State, and Local Criminal History Search in all the locations they have lived in during the last 7 years (this includes all known aliases), Motor Vehicle Report, and Social Security Number Trace, and a search of the Sex Offender Registry.
  • Exclusive Access to Elite Nanny League Newsletters  
  • Free Consultation with Home Pay regarding nanny payroll taxes


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