Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to search for a nanny?

Complete the online family registration form. Our placement director will contact you to review your information and ensure we understand what your family's need are. There is a one time non refundable registration fee of $250*, which starts the process of crafting a personalized job description and screening of potential candidates for the position.  *The registration fee is reimbursed when you hire a nanny through our agency.

What types of screenings do you perform on your applicants?

We have a comprehensive screening process for each agency applicant that includes: A review of their application, criminal and civil record checks, motor vehicle records, social security trace, sexual offender registry, resume, detailed and thorough reference checks, and a personal phone/virtual interview before being placed in our candidate pool. You would receive a detailed profile, including an introductory video from the applicant and screening information, for each potential candidate to review.

How do I submit a payment?

All clients can choose to securely keep a credit card on file in their family portal, or setup automated drafts from a bank account. We do not accept checks from personal clients.

How long does it take to register and find a nanny?

Once you complete the registration form online, complete your consultation with our placement director, and submit your registration fee we immediately start identifying potential candidates for your position.  The turnaround for placements depends on factors such as available and qualified candidates, your satisfaction with the recommended candidates, and any other negotiations that may need to take place. Placement times can vary from 2-6 weeks, depending on the factors. 

Are your nannies all college students?

No. We work with ChildCare Specialists of all ages and experience levels. We have candidates that are mothers whose children are now grown, former teachers or daycare workers, college graduates, college students, as well as several experienced, career, and certified nannies. 

Where do you find your nannies?

Our nannies find us, mostly by word of mouth. We attend some job fairs but are very selective in our hiring process. We typically can receive up to 50 applications a month, and may only clear 3-5 to work as childcare specialists with our agency.

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