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Potty Training

Our Potty Training Process
Fill out our Potty Training online intake here:
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Our expert will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule your initial consultation after reviewing your intake.
During that call, together, you will get a clear plan of  implementation for training ease!
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Cure little baby girl potty training at home

Traditional Potty Training

(2 Year – 3.5 Years+)

Many parents face challenges during the potty training. A variety of factors can contribute to delay and discouragement. Because of this, minor and major setbacks can be frustrating for the parent as well as the child.

There are many methods and philosophies when it comes to potty training children and not all work for every child. After a comprehensive review of your child’s situation, our potty training expert works closely with you to formulate an action plan using positive reinforcement.

Whether your obstacles are bowel training, trip training, or nighttime training, we can help you achieve potty success.

To begin fill out intake form. Then, you’ll have a consultation. During this call, you will learn the process and go over the plan with the expert. Along the way, email any questions you have. We are here to support you!

Let’s Get This Potty Started!

Our Potty Training Packages:

In- Home Potty Training 
  • Available for those parents frustrated and/or overwhelmed with the potty training process and who need an extra hand!
  • In-home potty training working with you and your child to meet your goals.
  • Guidance and demonstrations on how to implement potty training techniques.
  • Advice about how to implement and encourage positive potty habits.
  • Education about appropriate potty training expectations.
  • One week of UNLIMITED follow-up via phone/email/text for questions, support, and encouragement during the potty training process.
$3,000 for 3 days
 (18 hours) of pottying support*
$1,500 for 3 day
 (9 hours) of pottying support*
Let’s Get This Potty Started!

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