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Don't Need Full-time Childcare? Eight Tips for Hiring a Part-time Nanny

December 3, 2021

Finding a part-time nanny can be frustrating.  There are a lot of factors to consider when finding a part-time nanny.  We have come up with 8 tips for hiring a part-time nanny.  


Figure out how many hours you need and when.  We suggest trying to structure your childcare needs in a way that allows the nanny to work out hours with another family, go to school or find another job. This is huge if you are looking to have a larger candidate pool. 

Wish List

Really understand the type of person you want around your child.  Is education background important? Do you like a certain type of parenting style?  Are you comfortable with your person having another job? Do you need your person to drive?  What kinds of interest does your child have that maybe a nanny can enhance.  

Offer Promised Hours

Huge plus, offer a promised amount of hours to your nanny so they can depend on the income and commit to your family.  Most part-time nannies are looking for a minimum of 30 hours a week in order to be committed fully to a family.  Promised hours means you are paying your nanny a minimum amount of hours even if you go on vacation or have a holiday off and don’t require your nanny to work.  This makes your position more appealing as well. 

Know Your Budget

Come up with a budget and how much are you paying hourly?  If you are in TX you need to consider the range of $20-$25 gross per hour and payroll taxes to come up with your budget. Figure out what works for your family keeping in mind that part-time nannies are often requesting a higher hourly rate because they are working less hours.  

Know Your Expectations

Understand that most part-time Nannies have another job or things outside of work going on ie. College student, or other family they are working with.  Know what kind of tasks you need your nanny to do while you are away from the home, come up with a list of things and go over it with your nanny so there are clear boundaries and expectations.  Which leads us to our next tip.

Open Communication

Make sure you have open communication with everything from last minute changes giving enough time for your nanny to accommodate the change or planned travel to medications your child requires and food allergies. If you need a soft start or soft ending to your day, communicate it with your nanny.  

Use a Reputable Agency

Agencies are able to find you exactly what fits your family’s needs and can help you navigate the entire hiring process.  Agencies take the guessing out of the screening process.   Making the process less stressful, giving you more joy in your life. 

Ready to start your search? Or just have questions in general? We’re here to help! 

Feel free to reach out via email at info@elitenannyleague.com or give us a call and one of our team members to assist you  (713) 331-9434

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