Glorious summer days are always welcomed after a busy school year. We have 5 FUN ideas that are achievable for everyone.  

Summer Bucket List Ideas


Take a trip with family and friends to a local zoo to search for some cool creatures. Check out the Houston Zoo or TGR Exotic Wildlife Park in Spring, TX!


Grab a flashlight and set up camp! You can camp in your own backyard or take a quick road trip to Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, TX for great trails and campsites.


Attend a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park or check out the Minor League team Space Cowboys in Sugar Land, TX.


Enjoy a picnic at any local park. Visit The POST, home to Houston’s 5-acre rooftop park, the largest of it's kind in the country it is the perfect place to have a snack and snap great photos of the city skyline.


Enjoy a movie on a rooftop or at a drive-in theater with family and friends at Showboat Drive-In in Hockley, TX or Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown are worth a visit

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Whether your baby is one day old or one year old, using sign language will jump-start their communication and language skills (and make life a little easier on you). The simplest way to start teaching  sign is one sign at a time. Choose one word to incorporate into your everyday routine and then commit to signing that word every time you hear it/say it. If you read that word in a book or hear it in a song, get excited about that word and demonstrate the sign to your little one(s). During this process be sure to lock eyes with your baby and also say the word slowly and clearly as you are signing it. Once you feel comfortable using that sign you can gradually add more signs to your vocabulary. 



MORE is by far the most popular baby sign. It is all about instant gratification. Giving babies a way to communicate that they want “more” of something (usually food) is such a helpful tool. While other babies are crying and yelling for what they want, signing babies are learning to communicate using single words or even simple phrases. 

ALL-DONE is also a great sign to teach your baby. Using the sign for “all-done” is a wonderful alternative to babies throwing their food on the floor when they’re finished. Even if you chose to only use the signs MORE and ALL-DONE you will enjoy the benefits that using these baby signs bring. 

MILK is another common sign to start off with. Milk is life for babies so it truly empowers them to be able to communicate that they’re hungry at such a young age. When babies are able to get their needs met without so much frustration they learn to trust in you and feel more connected to you. Remember that babies live in the here and now so context is extremely important. When you sign “milk” to baby you should be ready to feed them right away. 

HELP is a wonderful sign to offer your baby. Babies begin to understand that they are an individual (and separate from their parents) around 6 months of age. The months to follow are filled with experimenting with their independence and demonstrating their determination to figure things out on their own. Teaching your baby the sign for “help” will allow you to stand back and watch them navigate this stage with the comfort of knowing they can call on you for help before they become frustrated in their task. Also, older babies find it easier to ask for help using sign language when they are too proud to verbally admit it. 

PLEASE is my personal favorite sign to use. Teaching your baby the sign for “please” instills manners at a wildly young age. Kids actually love being polite. This is a sign that will stick with your kiddo for many years to come. It’s also a great way to remind your little one(s) to use their manners (even if you’re standing on the opposite side of the room). 



There is no such thing as too much language exposure so it’s truly a matter of whenever YOU are ready. 


Kris Smooke owns and operates Tiny Hands Learning, a fast-growing baby sign language business based outside of Charlotte, NC. Her courses and programs are committed to enhancing early communication with babies and toddlers. She graduated in the field of Interpreting (ASL) and worked as a freelance interpreter in the Charlotte area prior to becoming a mom. 

She is now the mother of two and became passionate about baby signs as soon as she began reaping the benefits of baby signs with her own children. She recently created an online course and Tiny Hands Learning is now trusted nationwide by parents, caregivers, doctors, educators and (of course) the babies, too!

Find it here:

Tiny Hands Learning Course:





There’ so much to love about being able to work from home but there’s also a lot to of duties to tackle when school holidays roll around (as they so frequently do!). It doesn’t have to be so stressful though – there are a myriad of way to prepare yourself and your family to not only survive, but thrive during the busy school holiday periods.

Hire a Short-Term babysitter

Many work at home moms still enjoy the freedom and flexibility to do school drop off and pick up and don’t have a need for any extra help to care for their kids during the term. Yet, when the school holidays start, it can be tricky to be as proactive and productive as you’d normally be when you suddenly have an audience who want your every attention.

The ideal way to combat this situation is to hire a short-term carer, such as a babysitter. Not only can they mind your children while you work, they can also ensure a fun two weeks and arrange outings. This way the kids don’t have to spend their holidays stuck at home while Mom is working.

Specialist Babysitting Agencies  will be able to assist you in finding the perfect carer for your children. You’ll be reassured knowing they have all undergone all necessary safety checks, possess a driver’s license and first aid certifications and come with impeccable references.

Budget Blues? Why not Nanny-share?

It’s no secret childcare is expensive. One way to combat the rising costs of care is to nanny-share with your friends.  This is when two families come together to split the costs of hiring a nanny to look after their combined children. Generally, it can be quite a flexible arrangement, with the ability to switch between the family homes as it suits.

Popular because of its affordability, it’s also a great way to introduce a variety of play mates into your children’s lives in the holidays. You’ll also be reassured knowing the Nanny will come with all the necessary safety checks completed as well as possess all the qualifications you’d expect from an experienced child carer.

Child Swap

It’s often said it takes a village to raise a child. Why not put this saying into practice and assemble your own tribe who will help you navigate your commitments as a WAHM during the school holidays? After all, no one else understands better the working mom struggle than a fellow WAHM!

Make arrangements with friends to take turns of looking after each other’s children. These play dates will not only allow one parent the freedom to work uninterrupted but also give the children an event to look forward to.  Or perhaps you can arrange to pick up your friend’s children one day a week from school in return for looking after your children for a few days in the holidays.  Whatever the agreement, parents are each other’s best allies and can make a huge difference to the life of a WAHM during school holidays.

Grandparents to the rescue

Speaking of villages, another option to assist a work at home mum with her workload while the kids are on school holidays is to enlist the help of grandparents. If they are retired and live close by (and are willing to miss a week or golf, bridge or bowls!) this would definitely prove to be an affordable solution to your childcare woes.  Alternatively, if the grandparents live away, you could either encourage them to plan a visit to coincide with school holidays, or arrange for yourself or your partner to travel with the children to their home and let them have a holiday at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Vacation Care

Designed to assist families who require care for their primary school aged children during school holidays, this is just like day care, but is only run during the vacation period. Many schools will have a Vacation Care program established which includes activities to meet the social and recreational needs of the children, and often can include special events and excursions.

And When all methods Fail!😂

  If you can’t beat them, join them! If you’ve exhausted all your options and run out of credits with family and friends to look after your children during school holidays while you work, why not make the most of the enforced stop work situation and plan a family holiday?

Like to know more about how we can help make your life as a WAHM easier during school holidays? Let’s talk today to discuss our many affordable nanny  options and how they can help you navigate the school holidays stress free!

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Finding a part-time nanny can be frustrating.  There are a lot of factors to consider when finding a part-time nanny.  We have come up with 8 tips for hiring a part-time nanny.  


Figure out how many hours you need and when.  We suggest trying to structure your childcare needs in a way that allows the nanny to work out hours with another family, go to school or find another job. This is huge if you are looking to have a larger candidate pool. 

Wish List

Really understand the type of person you want around your child.  Is education background important? Do you like a certain type of parenting style?  Are you comfortable with your person having another job? Do you need your person to drive?  What kinds of interest does your child have that maybe a nanny can enhance.  

Offer Promised Hours

Huge plus, offer a promised amount of hours to your nanny so they can depend on the income and commit to your family.  Most part-time nannies are looking for a minimum of 30 hours a week in order to be committed fully to a family.  Promised hours means you are paying your nanny a minimum amount of hours even if you go on vacation or have a holiday off and don’t require your nanny to work.  This makes your position more appealing as well. 

Know Your Budget

Come up with a budget and how much are you paying hourly?  If you are in TX you need to consider the range of $20-$25 gross per hour and payroll taxes to come up with your budget. Figure out what works for your family keeping in mind that part-time nannies are often requesting a higher hourly rate because they are working less hours.  

Know Your Expectations

Understand that most part-time Nannies have another job or things outside of work going on ie. College student, or other family they are working with.  Know what kind of tasks you need your nanny to do while you are away from the home, come up with a list of things and go over it with your nanny so there are clear boundaries and expectations.  Which leads us to our next tip.

Open Communication

Make sure you have open communication with everything from last minute changes giving enough time for your nanny to accommodate the change or planned travel to medications your child requires and food allergies. If you need a soft start or soft ending to your day, communicate it with your nanny.  

Use a Reputable Agency

Agencies are able to find you exactly what fits your family’s needs and can help you navigate the entire hiring process.  Agencies take the guessing out of the screening process.   Making the process less stressful, giving you more joy in your life. 

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