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Nikita Bourn 

Founder and President 

Founded by a busy and dedicated mother of three, Nikita Bourn, saw a problem in the current professional nanny industry. Trust, high-quality nannies, education and fostering a nurturing home environment were all factors that she felt were missing from the home care industry.

Having the unique experience of working in Corporate America and the special challenge of running a pro-athlete household, Nikita wrestled with finding the perfect nanny for her home.

Tired of filing through endless resumes and interviews of potential nannies, all while hoping that this could be the “one.” Nikita realized that the traditional nanny hiring process was not only inefficient but causing harm to her number one priority – her children.

Thus, this opportunity gave Nikita the epiphany that picking the perfect nanny needed to be a process that put safety, credibility, and care first.
That is why at Elite Nanny League, we specialize in finding the perfect fit the first time around so your children can bond, love and follow the lead of special caretaker and role model.

Bianca Garrick 

Recruitment Coordinator

Bianca is a proud Houstonian! She is the daughter of a teacher and has always had a passion for children and education. She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas in 2005.

She was an elementary school teacher for seven years before transitioning to a position outside of the classroom, where she had an opportunity to impact a larger population of students.

She received her master’s degree in educational administration from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 2010. She has worked as a literacy coach, reading specialist, teacher specialist, and most recently as an assistant principal at an elementary school in the largest school district in Texas.

She loves to collaborate with families to meet the needs of all children and understands the important role childcare providers play in a child’s development.

Bianca is married, and though they don’t have children of their own, she and her husband had the privilege of raising her niece and nephew. She loves listening to music, going to live concerts, and spending time with her family and bulldog, Kobe.

LaTara Jeffers

Potty Training Expert

LaTara Jeffers, serial entrepreneur and professional nanny for over 11yrs. Also professional consultant who assists families with one of childhood’s most important, and overwhelming, milestones - potty training.

LaTara has helped countless children of all ages. Her custom 3 day potty training plans are based on building independence and empowerment and she thrives on seeing children succeed. She is currently helping parents and children everywhere feel empowered inside and outside of the restroom. There is no better feeling than seeing a child succeed and be proud of themselves.

If the trainer is well prepared, consistent, and patient, the trainee is bound to succeed. It isn’t as much about THEM being ready, as it is about YOU being ready. I have since assisted 50+ families with kids ages 14-months to 5-years, and I am proud to boast a 99% success rate.

With my 3 day system I can help you identify your child’s Potty Learning Style, provide you with the best techniques and practices to get success quickly and painlessly, all while supporting you through the entire process. My goal is to make potty training an enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

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